365 Project – Day 112

In Bath we enjoy an abundance of open spaces and gardens, all beautifully maintained by the excellent staff from the parks and gardens department of the local council. As well as both formal and informal gardens they produce hanging baskets and potted plants too. I like to use their expertise for inspiration but I’ve never…

365 Project – Day 111

After yesterday’s little grumpy outburst, here is a restful and idyllic pastoral shot. It was a lovely morning for a walk and following yesterday’s rain everywhere was cleanly washed and fresh. Here is a green tunnel on our path. And a Border Terrier. 21April 2014

365 Project – Day 110

Another comment on buskers in Bath. I’ve already said that I don’t like amplifiers but I feel the same about ‘living statues’. What’s that all about, is it entertainment? Here’s an example is it entertainment or is it someone sitting down doing nothing? 20 April 2014