365 Project – Day 179

Last year sometime we were walking Maude along the top of the churchyard in Weston when she was confronted by a squirrel, there are few things Border Terriers hate more than squirrels so she gave chase and very nearly caught it. Or so she believes. She’s never forgotten this and whenever we walk there she’s…

365 Project – Day 178

Yesterday I gave you the gooseberries so, in fairness, it’s only right to give you the pie today. It was delicious served with custard. Just a thought, someone may read this who recognises neither gooseberries nor custard; if so my heart goes out to them, what a loss. 27 June 2014

365 Project – Day 177

This time of year brings a glut of seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables. One of our absolute favourites are gooseberries and I managed to cut a deal with a local greengrocer for our first batch this year. I spent time top and tailing them and some are frozen and I’m looking forward to one of…

365 Project – Day 175

One of the delights of summer in the beautiful city of Bath is the nightly flight of the hot air balloons from Royal Victoria Park. With their brightly coloured canopies, roaring burners and nervous looking passengers it is an early evening treat to go and watch them take off. 24 June 2014