365 Project – Day 150

Who cannot love heavy horses? These gentle giants have power and elegance and the sexiest eyelashes you will ever see. These belong to a mighty Percheron who stands at 19.1 hands. 30 May 2014

365 Project – Day 149

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: the Middle White Pig. We’ve been to the Royal Bath and West Show today, it was lovely and we avoided the rain. I like pigs, particularly Middle Whites. 29 May 2014

365 Project – Day 148

The Bath Boating Station is one of the oldest places in the country to go and hire out a boat to go for a row on the river. On the bank of the River Avon there are skiffs and punts available and, I’m told, a decent restaurant. Their beautiful old boats are traditionally built from…

365 Project – Day 145

Let me be absolutely honest, I did not take this photograph. Today is special to me. Two years ago today my lovely old Ma died, aged one hundred and a half. She had a long and mostly happy life, fiercely independent and her own woman to the end. Missed by us all. 25 May 2014

365 Project – Day 144

On our recent trip to France we revisited the wonderful Pont du Gard. This aqueduct was built by the Romans to carry a supply of water to the city of Nîmes; for many years a road ran along it above the lower layer of arches and it is now a protected UN Cultural Heritage Site.…

365 Project – Day 142

Today we visited No. 2 Daughter who lives in Marston Moretaine in Bedfordshire. While we were picking up Lily from school I took the opportunity for today’s picture. The church of Saint Mary the Virgin in Marston Moretaine dates from around 1340; an unusual feature is a detached tower standing alone in the churchyard. It…