365 Project – Day 211

I do love a bit of traditional wrought iron work. This is a “Kissing Gate” of the old style; nowadays we get these made out of wood or tubular steel but this is a proper old good one. The top rail of the gate is darkened and smooth from the contact with so many hands…

365 Project – Day 208

Can’t spend a weekend in the Wye Valley without a picture. This river has created a beautiful valley and is the river on which my eighty year old friend went canoeing today, on her birthday and then followed it up by swimming in it. This one’s for you Sue, with my love. 27 July 2014

365 Project – Day 207

Back on Day 188 I spoke about Filberts, walking down a leafy Welsh lane I came across the evidence of what happens when squirrels get amongst them. Good thing Maude wasn’t with me, she really hates squirrels! 26 July 2014

365 Project – Day 206

I’ve been in Wales for a wonderful friend’s eightieth birthday, this is a view from near where we were staying. It looks out over a field of wheat, across the Wye Valley to the hills beyond. 25 July 2014

365 Project – Day 204

At the beach at Clevedon today, this is on the Bristol Channel in the West of England. Some lovely beaches on this coast but also mud, very fine mud. Here is some mud with bladder wrack seaweed and some bird footprints. In millions of years time someone may split a rock and conclude that we…

365 Project – Day 203

Rainbow Wood at Combe Down in Bath provided cool shade on a searingly hot day. Here we have mother, two daughters and three out of four granddaughters. The fourth hid behind a tree, typical! 22 July 2014