365 Project – Day 211

I do love a bit of traditional wrought iron work. This is a “Kissing Gate” of the old style; nowadays we get these made out of wood or tubular steel but this is a proper old good one.

The top rail of the gate is darkened and smooth from the contact with so many hands over the years, there is a chain with some weights that cause the gate to self-close when you leave it; not modern technology but an elegant old solution to the problem of a gate left open. There used to be miles and miles of iron fencing throughout the country but much was removed during World War Two for the war effort and now it is rare, but I love it.


By the way, if you ever go through a Kissing Gate wearing a rucksack it’s easiest to back in rather than trying to go in forwards and turn round. *Top Tip*

30 July 2014

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