7 Rucksack Angst

Last night’s post didn’t go as the WiFi fell over. Today’s won’t go either as there is no WiFi. Eventually I will find somewhere and send a batch.

Anyway I am in Saint-Gilles du Gard, sitting outside this Chambre d’Hote


enjoying a beer.

When I left Arles this morning it was quite cold with a strong wind blowing down the Rhone. I was late getting up as there was no breakfast until 07:00 and then I was late getting away because of traumatic rucksack packing. It all went in and it’s heavy but OK but what a hassle. The bottom line is that it’s just a bit too small for what I’m doing. Entirely my own fault of course and it will get better over time.

At least the boots are fine. I have been scrupulous and walked for 50 minutes then take a break for 10, which seems to have worked well. Any sign of pressure and they are attended to straight away. Having said that my feet do feel hammered but it’s probably no worse than after the first day’s trekking in the Alps.

The day ended up a scorcher and I suspect that the backs of my calves are glowing a fetching shade of pink. It was a good enough walk for the first day but the 14 kilometers along the bank of the Petit Rhone was a tad tedious; I’m from farming stock but there’s only so much agriculture I can take.

Eventually I arrived in Saint-Gilles and found this place for the night. I have a single room with shower and a balcony so my clothes are washed and drying on the balcony and I am showered and shaved and feeling human again. Apart from the sore feet which should be OK in the morning; I hope so as tomorrow is my longest single stage.

My Pilgrim Passport has been stamped by the nice lady in the Abbey who offered to “show me the crypt”. I wonder if this is a euphemism.

17 September 2013

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