By way of an experiment in blogging via smartphone, here is a short blog on rugby.

Today Bath Rugby hosted a visit by Leicester Tigers at The Rec. Tigers are our oldest rivals and it is a local derby in everything but geography. This was my first Aviva Premiership match on my lovely new Season Ticket. It is also the centenary of the first match against Leicester.

Here is a view across The Rec to the hills above Bath.


Bath got off to a cracking start and at half time we were leading 21:3 but as usual we then went to sleep and Tigers, predictability, came back hard but by the end Bath managed to hang on and win 24:20. PHEW!

It was a good win but I do question making six substitutions all together early in the second half which completely changed the front row and spoilt the flow of the game.

At half time we were treated to the spectacle of two grown men having a race in Zorbs.


Should have gone for a pint!

Oh and I’m suffering from more “boot angst” so I’m back with Pair 4 (see previous post).

At Gatwick tomorrow.

14 September 2013

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