3 Pants!

From the various threads on the Pilgrim Forum, which is a wonderful source of information, I understand that your backpack should not exceed ten percent of your body-weight. Now I like to be comfortable and all these things add weight to the rucksack but I have a cunning plan and am eating like a man possessed to push up my body-weight before I leave so that I can carry more weight in my rucksack. I have got this right haven’t I?

I already have most of what I need but have made a few special investments to make life more comfortable. My latest of such is pants. Pants also known as undercrackers, knickers, jockeys, chuddies etc. etc. These however are “special” pants. They are woven by elves from cobweb and silver thread. At least that is what I think the blurb tells me; anyway they are very light, very comfortable, easy to wash and quick to dry but the real bonus is that the silver in them means that they don’t get smelly. So I don’t need to wash them at all which is brilliant. If I find that I’m being pursued by a large swarm  of flies across southern France I shall sue the hell out of the manufacturer!

 In two weeks time I will be on my way to Gatwick Airport where I am staying the night prior to an early flight to Marseille. At least this week I got round to booking myself in to the Pilgrim Hostel in Arles for my first night. This proved very easy although their confirmation said they have booked a place for ‘one lady’! Fine by me.


1 September 2013


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