5 Gatwick

It turned out to be a long day as what I really needed was to get on with it. Anyway I packed my rucksack and everything went in OK which was a relief. Mrs Sixwheeler provided an excellent lunch and daughter plus two granddaughters came to tea. The only really unhappy member of the family was the dog who sensed that something was up.

Headed to Gatwick Airport by train which means Bath to Reading then change trains and on to Gatwick. The second part was an hour and a half and some of the stations we stopped at really seemed to be within walking distance of each other! The weather outside was filthy so I’m hoping for better in the south of France.

So now I’m in my Yotel pod, which I find perfectly adequate for an overnight stay. Bed, shower and loo in a tiny space but everything I need. Here’s my bed


as the pods overlap I imagine that someone is sleeping above me.

05.00 start tomorrow but baggage drop is only feet away,check in then a ‘Full English’ I think.

15 September 2013

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