9 Resurrection

At one point yesterday I really thought that I might not be able to go on; after a good sleep things looked, and felt, better.

When the moment came to put the boots on, it actually wasn’t too bad  and I set off with a spring in my stride. But along more roads! Of the first hour’s walking at least 75 percent was on tarmac. Before too long I heard chattering ahead and soon caught up with the French ladies who were still pillaging the countryside
and we kept passing and repassing each other until we reached Gallargues-le-Montueux just as everything closed for three hours or lunch as the French call it.

By now I am running at least a day late, I have a room booked in Vendargues and I have a cunning plan. My cunning plan is to catch the train from Gaillargues-le-Montueux as the GR635 guide shows a station but,alas, it is no more. So Plan B I caught the bus instead. Looking at the scenery I don’t think that I’ve missed much, industrial zones and agriculture (much of the land derelict or poor) has begun to pall but it gets better after Montpellier.

To help my feet recover I plan to spend the weekend in Montpellier and resume my journey Monday.

19 September 2013

One thought on “9 Resurrection

  1. Very interesting observations. The food looks good. Hope your feet recover from pounding the tarmac. Keep posting pilgrim.

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