10 Montpellier

Before I left home I checked the hotel I stayed in last night on TripAdvisor and it stank,literally. As I had already booked there was nothing I could do about it so rocked up there and, well, was surprised. It’s a Formule 1 hotel so think of a pile of boxes on an industrial estate. For all that though it is outstanding value for money; the place has been refurbished and was spotless; my room had a double bed, bunk bed, wash basin and a telly. Loos and showers down the corridor were also spotless. Oh and the breakfast was also very decent, ok mass produced croissants but buffet style so – tuck in!

Set out on better but sensitive feet and walked for two hours on tarmac and then took the tram into Montpellier. Incidentally I think the trams are fantastic.

The Tourist Office sorted me out a hotel within walking distance which is clean and comfortable if a little basic. It’s a two star so only to be expected, but it does have a proper WiFi connection.

Washed (self and clothes), charged everything up, caught up on emails etc. and chilled out.

Supper in town of lamb chops and apple tart.


20 September 2013

2 thoughts on “10 Montpellier

  1. It’s so lovely to hear what you are doing BUT if I hear about one more apple tart you will not be welcome home. Xxx
    Ps..look after those feet x

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