8 Feet!

We enjoyed a jolly breakfast and a very good one for France. Away from the hostel at about 8.15 I found myself striding along at a good pace. Before too long I could feel something in my left boot so stopped to check it, nothing there. The long and short was a big blister from all this road walking. By the end of the day I limped into Vauvert in great pain and most unhappy.

Apart fro this it was a more interesting walk with some ups and downs and vineyards, apples, apricots, nectarines etc. my friends the French ladies were having a splendid day scrumping at every opportunity.

Arriving at Vauvert I happened upon a convenient bar and this was my lunch


after lunch I headed through town to look for lodgings.

For some time I had seen advertising for the “Acceuil des Pelerins” in Vauvert so as they seemed to be making an effort I decided to give them a go. Well, what was on offer was stables. Converted to single rooms; NOT clean, I would clearly not be the first person to use the pillowcase nor the towel. The lights didn’t work but the water in the hand basin did – via the light fitting. Upshot was I upset the Patron (a pompous git) and moved to the Hotel du Lys d’Or where I was made most welcome and not that more expensive. I’m perfectly happy to rough it a bit but I do object to people operating a straight forward rip off.

Later in the evening I was made most welcome at the restaurant “La Fiacre” where I ate too much! Have to say that I did a great job on this sol


full details in the other blog when I get home

18 September 2013

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