365 Project – Day 358


Christmas Border Terrier.

It’s Christmas Day and I’ve really not had much time for photographs. I was ‘up with the cock’ and straight into a positive orgy of cooking and between us Mrs S and I put a pretty decent traditional Christmas lunch together for the ten of us. After lunch I fell asleep until the evening service started.

So here, to wish you all a Happy Christmas, is one I took yesterday. Its Maude, my trusty walking companion, giving hell to a stick. The bow I added digitally, I didn’t know how to do that until yesterday and I could improve my skill a bit but it’s the thought that counts. Some of you will already seen this on Facebook for which I apologise, but it’s really meant for everyone else.

25 December 2014

2 thoughts on “365 Project – Day 358

  1. Haha! I’m sure Maude is very appreciative of your digital skills so that she doesn’t have to wear it for real!

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