365 Project – Day 274


Staghorn Sumac.

Another sure sign that autumn is not far away is the change in the colour of the leaves of the Staghorn Sumac (Rhus typhina). These decorative shrubs/small trees were introduced from North America in the seventeenth century and are a popular garden plant. It is called ‘staghorn’ because the branches are covered in hairs that give them a ‘velvet’ appearance like a stag’s antlers. Frankly I have never been fond of them as I find them too messy as a plant; I must admit, though, that they do look spectacular in the autumn.

1 October 2014

3 thoughts on “365 Project – Day 274

  1. That is quite pretty! This plant is considered a weed in Queensland as apparently there is a very high incidence of people having allergic reactions to it. I suppose that makes sense if it is hairy. It is illegal to plant one here.
    You Brits must be a tougher breed than us Aussies :)

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