365 Project – Day 324


Lansdown Crescent, Bath.

About a month ago I posted a picture of Bath’s Royal Crescent, perhaps the most celebrated of our Georgian crescents and the one that normally accompanies any mention of Bath in the media. But Bath has several other crescents and my own particular favourite at the moment is Lansdown Crescent.

It’s further up the hill so it doesn’t get the hordes of visitors and guided parties, also it’s more compact and appears better preserved, it has wondered views over the city as it’s higher and the ground drops away steeply in front of it but best of all the field in front of the crescent has sheep in it. Although not at the moment!

21 November 2014

2 thoughts on “365 Project – Day 324

  1. Beautiful! It’s odd how sometimes one example becomes enshrined as the ‘tourist attraction’ when there is a better example elsewhere. Still all the better for the locals – and especially when you share them with us!

    • Trouble with Bath is we have too many! Bath Abbey, Pulteney Bridge, etc. etc. But Royal Crescent is THE one, which as you say leaves the others for us local yokels; it’s a very nice walk to Lansdown Crescent as well. Win win!

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