365 Project – Day 334

Maude on duty. I’ve said before that Maude, our fearless Border Terrier, hates squirrels with a passion that only terriers can muster. I’m not saying that she takes this to extremes but she even attacks the television when there are squirrels. Fearless attention to duty. 1 December 2014

365 Project – Day 322

Grrrrr, squirrel! I may have mentioned before that Maude, our fearless Border Terrier, is passionate in her hatred of squirrels; when we met this one in Royal Victoria Park she went ballistic. There was barking, there was fearsome growling, chase was given until it disappeared round the back of a tree …… and vanished. She…

365 Project – Day 207

Back on Day 188 I spoke about Filberts, walking down a leafy Welsh lane I came across the evidence of what happens when squirrels get amongst them. Good thing Maude wasn’t with me, she really hates squirrels! 26 July 2014

365 Project – Day 6

Today did not look at all inspiring and once again I got soaked just going to the shops; frankly I’m getting a bit fed up with all this rain. However as the morning went on the sun came out and Mrs Sixwheeler and I decided to grab the opportunity to take the dog for a…