365 Project – Day 6

Today did not look at all inspiring and once again I got soaked just going to the shops; frankly I’m getting a bit fed up with all this rain.

However as the morning went on the sun came out and Mrs Sixwheeler and I decided to grab the opportunity to take the dog for a walk in Bath’s famous Royal Victoria Park before the afternoon rain arrived. It turned out to be a good time to go as it was bright, warm and dry but very windy. In the end it started to rain just as we were about a minute from home.

The dog, Maude, loves “Vicky Park” as it gives her a great opportunity to run around and growl at things and she usually finds a stick to argue with. The Park is also the home of many squirrels and Maude hates nothing on earth more than squirrels. She chases them whenever she can and has at last worked out that they go up trees’ for a long time she was mystified and presumed that they just vanished; now she stands at the bottom of the tree and barks.

At one point I spotted this little fellow sitting in a tree watching us and I’m sure that he was flipping ‘V signs’ at Maude.


6 January 2014


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