365 Project – Day 5

It is my intention with this project to TAKE and PUBLISH a photograph every day. That is to say not to have a bank of pictures that I can slip in if I haven’t taken one. So far so good but I dare say the time will come when I may ‘lapse’ but when I do I will say so.

Today was nearly such a day as it was another dull, overcast, windy and wet day with absolutely no incentive to step outside the front door. However this evening I felt guilty that the dog had not been walked so she was dragged out; reluctantly but as I told her “It will do you good”.

It was dark so I thought that I would try some night time shots, which frankly didn’t work at all – not enough light. On our way back we cut through the churchyard of Weston village church and I was quite taken by the light coming from inside the church through the stained glass window. Best I could do in the end.


5 January 2014



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