365 Project Day 4

It has almost become a ritual for us to go every Saturday morning to the Bath Farmers’ Market. This is believed to be the oldest farmers’ market in the country and is held at Green Park Station; this used to be a railway station but the lines are gone and it provides a wonderful space for all manner of events. As well as the weekly farmers’ market there are twice monthly vintage and antique markets as well as providing a performance space which is regularly used.

We try to go every week so that I can stock up with a week’s supply of my favourite sourdough bread and we often buy vegetables or plants for the garden or whatever else attracts our attention. One of the joys of the place is that the stall holders are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their products and happy to chat about them. The other thing, a real benefit today as the weather is filthy again, is that it is undercover. I was very relieved to get out of the rain for my photo opportunity although because of the weather and it being so close to New Year it was very quiet today.


4 January 2014

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