365 Project – Day 7

Once again we were blessed with heavy rain this morning; I think that I may well be suited to hibernation really. Later in the morning it had changed to clear blue skies so, as we’re off to London later, I grabbed the dog and headed out for a quick walk. At the end of our road the view had changed temporarily as this has arrived.

Our little Tesco in Weston is being expanded and as part of the deal they are building some flats for sale. The steel work went up just before Christmas and today they are dropping in the first level floor panels. Always interesting watching a crane in action and I sympathised with the poor old truck driver stuck sitting in his cab while being unloaded; been there done that!

One thing for sure we’ll all be glad when Tesco re-opens in the Spring although I’m not certain we need a bigger one as it will probably kill off every other shop in the High Street. The main problem will be parking as there won’t be any, so where shoppers will go is a mystery; as long as they don’t all come and try to  park down our road which is full up already.

7 January 2014


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