365 Project – Day 363

Tree. This tree that I saw this afternoon in Weston Park appealed to me because its stark image against a clear blue sky on another very cold day really summed up winter for me. And I think it works really well in black and white. 30 December 2014

365 Project – Day 354

Shortest Day. So today has been the shortest day of the year so from tomorrow we’re practically back to summer . . . . . . I wish. As it was the shortest day Maude and I took only a short walk but amongst the gloom it brightened for a while; this is the view…

365 Project – Day 221

Neighborhood Horticulture. Just along from us is Weston Park where the local residents have raised money for tree planting and other projects. One such is a small memorial garden to commemorate the centenary this year of the outbreak of World War One. Pupils from the local junior school have helped with the planting. This week…

365 Project – Day 118

All round here spring has really taken a firm grip, no doubt fuelled by the incessant rain since Easter. Everywhere the trees are coming into full leaf and so much is coming into flower. Here’s a Dandelion clock from Weston Park. 28 April 2014