365 Project – Day 12

Today I will say a little about Border Terriers.

Border Terriers are small brown dogs originally from the northwest of England and the border area between England and Scotland. They were used by the local fox hunts for sending down the fox’s earth to chase them out. They were also popular with farmers as good ratters.

We have a BT called Maude and like all BTs she is amazingly cute and great fun. As I have said before she is likely to be a recurrent thread here over the year.

Like most BTs she is incredibly nosey and always needs to know what’s going on. When she goes out into the garden she will patrol it thoroughly to make sure everything is OK and that there are no cats about (that’s Oscar from next door who chooses to ignore her completely). The she will stand On Guard on the terrace, bristling and will probably bark or growl just to let everyone know who’s in charge.

When it rains she prefers not to get wet so she sits indoors by the window and keeps watch from there.


12 January 2014

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