24 Cloudy Cornwall, Damp Devon and Soggy Somerset

We’re home and it’s always great to be back home. As the title suggests the weather wasn’t great for the drive but it could have been worse, at least it wasn’t snowing!

Mrs Sixwheeler very kindly offered to do some driving so got the first shift. We had arranged to visit old friends who have just moved to a tiny Devon village which is some miles the other side of another village called Back of Beyond.

Actually it is quite charming in a hidden and steep sided valley; and it has a cracking good pub. I knew that the last bit of the journey was likely to be on ‘country roads’ so offered to drive the last bit but Mrs S said she was fine. A decision she came to regret on roads that felt as if we were brushing both hedges, then we met a van coming the other way. I have to say that she really did awfully well.

Curiously the SatNav decided to bring us home over Dartmoor, in thick fog. So we missed seeing the famous prison but did see the local pub selling Jail Ale. I tried it some years ago and it’s rather good. No time today though as we needed to get home.

It’s been a great little break and it’s back to normal tomorrow.

In yesterday’s blog I stated that Border Terriers are the world’s noisiest dogs. This is an error as a result of autocorrect and Maude has asked me to point this out. It should have said that Border Terriers are the world’s NOSIEST dogs. I apologise unreservedly for this error.

Mind you she can be pretty barky as well!

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