23 Still in Cornwall

This is the first time that we have taken Maude with us to stay in an hotel. We take her out with us as much as possible but there are times when she needs to stay in our room. These are the times that she appreciates the view as Border Terriers are possibly the noisiest dogs there are so she likes to see what’s going on, as you can see


Maude really likes the Abbey Hotel as they gave us a sausage for her at breakfast today!

About sixty years ago my parents brought me to Cornwall on holiday. As usual it was for about a week and was squeezed in between hay making and harvest. We stayed at the Harbour Inn at Porthleven and today I went back. The outside still looks much the same


and it overlooks the harbour, hence it’s name.


Porthleven was a pleasant place to walk around and we stopped there because there is free parking. As a result both the café and the art gallery made some money.

I’m actually pretty fed up with Cornwall council charging for car parking in November, fine in the holiday season but November for goodness sake is just a greedy rip off.

Yesterday at Cape Cornwall we were furthest west, so today we went furthest south to Lizard Point


as bleak a place as you could wish for on a day like today; bit w
e did find some very tasty Cornish Pasties from the famous Anne’s Pasties.

I’d taken Maude for a walk and to check out tonight’s restaurant; we were nearly back at the hotel when I became aware of a light footfall behind us. As I turned we were overtaken by a very statuesque and barefoot young lady in a wetsuit (steady on all you rubber fetishists!). To my complete surprise she walked down to the inner harbour, went into the water and swam away. I’ve seen it all now; it was quarter to six in the evening of the fifth of November. Madness, but I bet she felt great afterwards.

Tonight we went to Harris’ s restaurant for a change where we both had calves’ liver. Mrs S had creme brulée for pudding and I had treacle tart. Many a good man has been brought to his knees by a treacle tart and I’m now one of them. Seriously though the whole meal was excellent.

Home tomorrow but we’ve had a smashing break to an excellent hotel. We’ve been to lovely places and eaten really good food.

And Maude got a sausage.

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