365 Project – Day 39

Today has been completely mad. British readers will be aware of the problems on the Somerset Levels and Moors caused by the flooding. For those not aware this is an area of historic water meadows that have flooded since time immemorial. It rains; it floods;it drains away.This year however the volume of rain has been terrible and now the water is feet deep in some places and is getting higher.

This means that farmers have had to abandon their farms, move their livestock to wherever they can and as it has been flooded for nearly six weeks in places everything under the water will be dead. When it does eventually drain the ground is likely to be useless until the farmers have restored it by drainage and good land husbandry.

Yesterday I contacted the main support group offering my skills (?) and so today I have been crunching information all day for their database.

When I have a moment I will blog about this separately on the main part of my blog site.

In the meantime today’s picture. During the week I showed you my sausage (ooh er Matron), the one I brought back from Cranstons Butchers in Penrith. I also bought a half leg of Herdwick Lamb and today we ate it. It was delicious.

398 February 2014

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