365 Project – Day 37

It is becoming almost impossible to stay away from the dreadful weather we are suffering. The television news and the newspapers are full of reports and photographs of the washed out main railway line at Dawlish, the seas breaking over the inner harbour at Porthleven and the ongoing disaster that is The Somerset Levels where the water is still rising.

This morning, following a Twitter appeal, I offered my transport/organisation skills to a group of farmers on The Levels who are struggling to move their livestock and find cover and feed for them. So far they seem to be managing; let’s hope it stays that way.

For our part here in Bath it has just been yet another wet and dreary day and we are told to expect more and worse over the next few days; and that it will continue for at least another two weeks, or so.

Today’s photo just about sums it all up around here.

376 February 2014

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