365 Project – Day 36

There is a much acclaimed group of six butchers shops in Cumbria called Cranstons Butchers who I have been following for some time on Twitter (@Cranstons1) as they represent the best in butchery. They work with local farmers and producers to provide excellence and have been doing so since 1914.

Their Twitter feed is both interesting and amusing and I am tempted by many of the things they offer, pity I’m so far away in Bath really although they do offer mail order which is tempting.

On Monday as we were leaving the Lake District and as Cranstons shop at Penrith is just by the M6 motorway exit we decided to pay them a call. I already had some of their prize winning Cumberland Sausage in mind and added a half leg of Herdwick lamb as well. My friend Dick was so impressed he went home to Wales with some Herdwick lamb chops and a bottle of wine.

We are looking forward to the lamb at the weekend but had the sausage tonight and jolly good it was too. Highly recommended and here it is36I think that I may have to stop off and buy a couple of these on my way up to Scotland next month, what do you think Sue?

5 February 2014

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