365 Project – Day 290


Bartlett & Sons, Bath

I’m very lucky in that pretty much wherever I have lived I’ve been blessed with a good local butcher and here in Bath that is Bartlett and Sons. To a dedicated carnivore like myself this is important.

A good butcher stocks good meat from local sources wherever possible, displays it well, offers advice on what cut you need and will probably tell you the best way of cooking it. Above all it should be staffed by helpful and jolly butchers who when not serving customers are noisily teasing each other, or other customers. Bartlett and Sons tick all these boxes.

Above all a good butcher will have an interesting window. In this picture are legs and shoulders of lamb and a nice beef rib hanging up, on the slab below are pork and lamb chops, steaks, chicken pieces, some offal and both pheasants and partridges dressed and ready for cooking.

A proper butcher’s shop.

17 October 2014

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