365 Project – Day 43

It had been a dark and stormy night, and then it got worse. Rain and Wind. Storm in western areas with wind speeds in excess of one hundred miles an hour. Floods rising because of more rain and sea surges, interruptions to electricity, trains cancelled and roads closed. Oh it’s been such a wonderful year and as I write this I hear on the radio of the first fatality. Tomorrow will be a moment of reprieve then more of the same; over the next couple of days we are to expect in excess of one month’s average rainfall here in the West Country.

The annoying thing was that it would stop raining and the sun peeped out but before you could put a coat on it would start all over again. I’m sorry that so much of this blog is about the weather but this year the United Kingdom really is having a bad start. Heaviest rainfall for 246 years, which was when records began.

This afternoon during a moment of sunshine it still looked very threatening out behind our house, as you can see. I’m so glad that there are no leaves on the trees as then the damage would be so much worse.

4312 February 2014

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