365 Project – Day 222


Bath Folk Festival 2014

If you live in Bath it does sometimes seem as if there is a different festival every week, but who’s complaining we came to live here partly because there is a lot of cultural activity.

This week it’s Folk Festival week. Last night Mrs Sixwheeler and I went to see the great Martin Carthy in concert and what a treat that was. He is now seventy three years old but is still touring relentlessly either on his own or with daughter Eliza; his voice may not be as strong as it was but he remains perhaps the outstanding guitar player that I have seen. A great night.

There are paid concerts and free shows too. When we went the Artisan Market at Green Park this morning they had a full programmer of musicians scheduled. In the picture are Deuair a Welsh duo on harp and fiddle who were playing when we were there.

10 August 2014

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