365 Project – Day 53

I don’t eat a great deal of bread, but when I do I like good bread and I especially like good toast which is how I eat most of my bread. Every morning I like to enjoy a really nice slice of toast and to me that means a really well flavoured sourdough bread.

For this I visit the Bath Farmers Market that is held every Saturday in Green Park Market, a place I pictured earlier in the year (see Day – 4) and go and see an excellent baker called Rob. Rob makes what I would call ‘artisan’ bread, not an expression I like too much as everything seems to be ‘artisan’ this or that these days. But Rob’s bread fits the bill; it is robust, well flavoured and every loaf is different. I have a San Francisco Sourdough and it lasts me a week although I usually have to scrape a bit of mould off before I toast it by the end of the week! It is delicious and I look forward to a fresh loaf every week.

Here is Rob’s stall with his bread.


22 February 2014

Post Script
Following yesterday’s blog posting I spoke to my chicken keeping neighbour and can sadly confirm that he is now my former chicken keeping neighbour. Killed the lot; which is why I don’t like foxes!

2 thoughts on “365 Project – Day 53

  1. Looks very nice! We love sourdough as well, although personally I think toasting it, is a crime ;-) Ferndown doesn’t have an artisan bakery, sadly. We’ve tried Wimborne and Ringwood markets and alas the bread stalls did not pass muster. However strange it may sound, seems that the closest we currently have to getting a nice loaf of bread is the new venture of the Lidl chain.

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