365 Project – Day 52

Every day I try and take a picture to share on this blog but every once in a while the picture finds me. Today was one.

I had just got out of bed and was considering the possibility that I might get up and have some breakfast when I wandered into our sitting room and looked out of the French windows. Our sitting room is on the first floor so offers extensive views over neighbouring gardens; sitting in the middle of our neighbour’s lawn was Brer Fox busily eating what appeared to be a pigeon. I set off to find Mrs Sixwheeler who complains that she never sees our local foxes and then to get my camera – the one with the very long lens.

Up to the top floor for an even better view I very gently opened the window without disturbing the fox; at that moment Maude saw it and Border Terriers can be VERY shouty when they are protecting their property from foxes. The fox looked up, dropped its breakfast and headed off. Then it stopped and came back for the bird to take it away for a later meal but although the fox could jump up onto the fence on its own it couldn’t do so with the bird. I sat and watched for about half an hour as it made several attempts, all in vain.

Eventually Maude calmed down and I enjoyed a hearty breakfast which is more than can be said for the fox. After breakfast I went out with my digging fork and tossed the carcase over the fence into the rough ground so that the fox could reclaim it later; this was very generous of me as the fox is about the only British animal that I loathe with a passion, the result of my rural upbringing I’m afraid. Sadly it wasn’t a pigeon and after posting this picture and blog I’m off to speak to my chicken keeping neighbour down the road to suggest that he does a stock check.

Here is Brer Fox.

5221 February 2014

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