365 Project – Day 51

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow, as I did yesterday. OK today’s photograph was actually taken yesterday but yesterday I had to balance the granddaughters or there would have been trouble.

Back to going with the flow. Two of the granddaughters have had recent birthdays so there were parcels to be opened; and the other two had to have something to open as well or there would have been tears. As a result yesterday at tea time we had one wife, two daughters and four granddaughters in attendance; the dog was shut in the conservatory to stop her getting overexcited (everyone else was) and I took photos.

Trying to get everyone looking in the same direction at he same time is like trying to herd cats but this was the best I could do. From left to right D1, GD1, GD2, D2, GD4, GD3 and Mrs Sixwheeler (D=Daughter, GD=Granddaughter).

51Anyway, it was very noisy and great fun. Tonight the house is strangely quiet as we have it to ourselves again which is a bit sad.

20 February 2014

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