365 Project – Day 263

House of Wool. My regular followers know that when I can I like to include something really odd in this blog. Well things don’t get much odder than a house apparently made out of wool. Certainly the external walls are made from unprocessed sheep fleece; well it’s something useful to do with this year’s clip…

365 Project – Day 262

Weird Bird? Came across this tree stump which looks like a weird bird, or perhaps a small dragon. I think I should go to bed now as I clearly need some sleep. Good Night. 19 September 2014

365 Project – Day 261

Pilgrim Steps. Went up all these steps on my way to the cathedral in Le Puy en Velay, the Camino de Santiago museum is at the top and popular with pilgrims and tourists alike. 18 September 2014

365 Project -Day 260

Colonnade and Cobbles. Colonnade, cobbles and stone flags in Bath, it can be a right bugger to walk here with a permanent risk of a twisted ankle or trip hazard. It is beautiful though. 17 September 2014

Stevenson’s Way – The End

Now that I’m home I thought that it might be useful to say a few things about the experience, so here goes. The Route Compared to my walk on the Arles Way Camino last year this route is SO much¬† more interesting from the walker’s point of view. By lunchtime on the first day I…

365 Project – Day 259

Aaaaaggghhh! Today I came across this terrible beast in my daughter Charlotte’s garden. My daughter Charlotte is scared stiff of spiders so I’m relieved that she didn’t see it. …………… But she does follow this blog, ooh er! 16 September 2014

365 Project – Day 258

Formation Texting. In town today I spotted the Bath International Formation Texting Team hard at their daily training session. You have to admire their dedication. 15 September 2014

365 Project – Day 257

Watchman’s Sentry Box. We decided to walk into Bath today and after cutting through Royal Victoria Park I noticed a little alley I hadn’t seen before. In front of us I could see a grassy area and it turned out to be a delightful little park in front of Norfolk Crescent with grass and trees.…

365 Project – Day 256

Heavenly Light In the Cathédrale Notre-Dame at Le Puy en Velay on a day of mixed weather the sun suddenly came out. Shining through the stained glass windows it casts wonderful patches of coloured light onto the floor of the church. 13 September 2014