365 Project – Day 253

Iron Handrail. This is a detail of the iron handrail that runs beside the steps going up the Richer Saint Michel d’Aighuile in Le Put en Velay. No idea how long it’s been in place but it’s certainly very well used, I saw several people grateful to hang on to it. 10 September 2014

Stevenson’s Way, 9 September.

Well here’s a mystery; on Tuesday night I wrote a very amusing blog about my day, getting to Le Puy, booking my tickets, having lunch, visiting the cathedral and Saint Michel d’Aighuile. I then had some fun going on about my very excellent dinner and then posted it. And it has entirely disappeared! Now I…

365 Project – Day 252

Saint-Michel d’Aiguilhe. The Rocher Saint-Michel d’Aiguilhe is a volcanic stump that sticks up just on the edge of the old town of Le Puy en Velay. The first Christian chapel on the top was consecrated in the year AD 961 although there is believed to have been a Roman pagan temple there earlier. The first…

Stevenson’s Way, 8 September.

It was a delight to have a bit of a lie in this morning, then after breakfast I decided to explore Langogne as my shoulder is still too painful to carry a rucksack Actually as a task that didn’t take too long. It’s a nice enough little town but judging by the number of shut…

365 Project – Day 251

Bizarre Stone Head. I’ve been exploring Langogne today and found this bizarre stone head on a plinth inside the church.  Sadly there appeared to be nothing around by way of explanation. I am though very pleased to have used the word plinth, its such a lovely word. 8 September 2014

Stevenson’s Way, 7 September

Today has not been an easy one, as soon as I woke up I knew that I had a problem. The top of my right shoulder is VERY tender and carrying a rucksack is out of the question at the moment. The proprijetor of the gîte was most helpful and organised a taxi to bring…

365 Project – Day 250

Ancient Stonework. On an old church with very weathered stonework I was pleased to see that this piece had been kept when they were repointing the wall. 7 September 2014

365 Project – Day 249

La France Profonde. There are parts of France that have become very depopulated, la France Profonde. Today I passed through this habitation, not big enough to be a village probably a hamlet, a very few inhabited houses with the others either for sale or derelict. Who’d want to buy here though. Sad. 6 September 2014

Stevenson’s Way, 6 September

Up with the lark after a good night’s sleep and away promptly after breakfast. It turned out to be a day of ups and downs, we walked up and then we walked down and then we walked up again, you get the idea. I walked with French people and for a time an American couple…