365 Project – Day 252


Saint-Michel d’Aiguilhe.

The Rocher Saint-Michel d’Aiguilhe is a volcanic stump that sticks up just on the edge of the old town of Le Puy en Velay.

The first Christian chapel on the top was consecrated in the year AD 961 although there is believed to have been a Roman pagan temple there earlier. The first staircase to the Christian site was not built until some years after the chapel, a hardy lot back then.

Today I too climbed the steps to the chapel, something I first did over twenty five years ago and I’m certain there are far more now. It cost me €3.50 fo the privilege too but the nice girl in the ticket office assured me that I could have my money back if I died on the way up.

Thankfully I didn’t and I’m glad I made the effort. Even to a godless heathen like me it is a special place; simple, tranquil and modest but with a feeling of timeless reverence. There are also some traces of delightful old wall paintings just still visible. When I came out it was raining.

9 September 2014

2 thoughts on “365 Project – Day 252

    • Thanks Melinda. One of the sacrifices of solo walking is on camera equipment, I just carry a small but very good quality compact. The result is a change of procedure, if you can’t fill the frame you just walk closer! And I walk about a lot to get shots I want, I don’t quite go into people’s gardens but if they are there I will ask if I can!

      I took this shot from the main hill of the town below the Notre Dame rock, I was walking to St Michel from the cathedral; cars everywhere and retaining wall but a nice grass slope with a good view so I hopped over the wall and there you are. Incidentally as it is mostly back lit I opened up about one stop to get better detail of the rock itself.

      Thanks, by the way, for your other message and the Canal du Midi photos which are lovely. The bit about the canal walk was a humorous throw away! BUT I’m really intrigued by the Burgundy Canal, research starts today . . . . . . watch this space.

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