365 Project – Day 317


Beech Hedge.

When we first moved to our house in Bath our garden had a horrid evergreen hedge up each side; it was ugly, invasive and was dragging goodness from the ground so out it came.

Mrs Sixwheeler likes instant gratification in the garden but I am happy to invest in longer term projects and so we replaced them with beech hedging, once the garden had been made terrier proof.

The hedges are now about eighteen months in and it will probably another three years before it really starts looking its best. But this autumn the colours are really starting to develop and, of course, the leaves will stay on all winter.

The picture was taken at the top of the garden where the hedge is still quite thin but where the light and colour were the most interesting. The tube thing is an old chimney pot that holds a planted up pot during the summer.

14 November 2014

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