The 365 Project

For 2014 I have set myself a target of trying to take and publish one photograph every day of the year.

Some of these will be general, some will be amusing (I hope) and some will be relevant to the day or what we are doing that day.

So to start things off I thought that I would like to find something inspirational and uplifting for the start of a new year. However it is definitely NOT the sort of day you would choose for the first of the year; it’s cold; it’s dull; it’s wet and it’s windy. So instead of sunshine and blue skies here’s a picture of the corner of our lawn. Flooded.


This takes me back to the middle of March last year, just after we had moved, when we had the old hedges ripped out and nice new beech hedges planted. It rained then too and the whole of the lawn was churned up like the battlefield of the Somme but in the end it all came back and looked smashing all through the summer. I’m sure that it will again this year.

Happy New Year to anyone reading this and I hope that you will be interested enough to follow this project through the year.

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