365 Project Day 2

After yesterday’s deluge it has finally stopped raining in the beautiful city of Bath. I’ve put away the plans I drew up for a very large boat and Mrs Sixwheeler has stopped rounding up pairs of animals. There’s a terrible noise coming from the badgers, foxes and owls in the garage but I’ll let them out later. As the sun was shining this afternoon I decided it was a good time to take the dog for a walk and grab some photos at the same time. We walked down by the River Avon which was right up the banks and flowing incredibly fast and there were a few photo opportunities.

As a standby I had taken some pictures of the garden this morning. I’m sure that the garden will feature regularly in this blog as the seasons go by, so I had those in the bank. Down by the river some of the bushes had catkins out which often deceive you into thinking that Spring is just round the corner and then everything freezes for weeks. I also saw a building site where they had built up the internal staircases above the level of everything else and I toyed with a “stairway to heaven” theme.

But in the end I settled on this

not the greatest photo I have ever taken but a cheery little fellow singing his head off by the river.

I’ve just heard the latest weather forecast, now where are those ark plans again!

2 January 2014

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