Cornwall – 7 November 2014

I was walking back from the paper shop this morning and realised that I hadn’t taken a picture of the cottage we’re staying in, so here it is.


Not the whole thing mind you, just the bit to the right of the doorway with the open upstairs window. It’s two up and two down but there’s plenty of room and it’s very cosy. From the other side of the road, where I was standing, is the harbour wall.

The weather surprised us with sunshine so we had no hesitation in heading to our favourite spot, Cape Cornwall. We set off from the car park in continuing sunshine with some great views along the coast showing some of the old mine workings for which this part of Cornwall is famous.


By the time we had climbed to the top of the cape we had to hurry as we could see a big wet squall coming in from the sea, because of the strength of the wind we were able to shelter behind the day mark and stay dry. The squall soon blew through and the sun came out again and presented us with yet another rainbow.


From the top we fought our way down the seaward side of the hill in a terrific wind to the watcher’s hut where we were welcomed in.


This hut is pinned down to the rock and held down with steel cables. From here a watch is kept on the sea lanes along the north side of the Cornish coast, movements logged and an eye kept on the fishing boats as well. The watcher on shift when we visited had some wonderfully funny stories and also told us what it was like when the hut was struck by lightening during one of his shifts and knocked out every electrical item there. Oh, and the hut doesn’t start rocking until the wind reaches more than sixty miles an hour.

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