Cornwall – 6 November 2014

Today’s been frightful. It started to rain while Maude and I were getting the paper this morning, by the time we’d finished breakfast it was horrid and we could only just see across the harbour.

Leaving Maude warm and cozy in the cottage we headed through the gloom to Porthleven to visit a gallery where we bought a couple of nice things last year. Very disappointing, nothing much new and appears to have moved a bit down market. At least there’s a nice café just by where we enjoyed a hot chocolate and I used their WiFi (you see it does exist!) to get away some blogs.

Back in Penzance it was hurling the rain down but we went to another gallery we’d been into earlier in the week and bought ourselves a pair of rather nice pictures. On the way back to the car park we also stocked up with emergency supplies of Cornish Fairings in anticipation of an afternoon in front of the fire drinking tea and eating biscuits.

It was so awful today I didn’t even take a camera out with me today, so here’s a compilation of some I have taken round Newlyn Harbour.


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