Cornwall – 5 November 2014

As it started to rain straight after breakfast we took a little time to read the paper and have a coffee, then the sun came out so we set off to Sennen Cove for a good walk on the sand. We were blessed with some glorious weather which so made the most of it.


The beach at Sennen is huge with fantastic views all around.


We had hoped to visit the gallery at Sennen but,like much in Cornwall, it was closed. When I get home I shall address the issue of public lavatories with Cornwall Tourism; at this time of year most of the visitors tend to be from the older generation and we need our loos. To be frank I’ll wee anywhere if needs must but Mrs Sixwheeler likes her creature comforts and we’ve lost count of the public loos we’ve visited that are locked up. This will not do! All praise then to the good folk of St Buryan where there are two immaculate public loos in the centre of the village which you open with a twenty pence piece,which I’m happy to pay.

We went through St Buryan on the way to Porthcurno, the home of the Minack Theatre. This is a wonderful open air theatre


built into the cliff face with dramatic views to the stage and the sea beyond.


Incidentally that headland reminds me why I used to particularly enjoy climbing in Cornwall


beautiful granite, the sun on your back and sea views. Perfect.

Back to the Minack, which was created back in 1932 by Rowena Cade a very redoubtable local lady and who carried on building it, mostly with her own hands, for the rest of her life. Now the theatre is run by a charitable trust who put on a full programme of theatre and opera productions in a unique and dramatic setting often against the elements and distractions of dolphins in the bay.

Back at the cottage it is Bonfire Night where we English celebrate the Gunpowder Plot when some Catholic gentlemen attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament; sadly they failed. This is a particularly poignant occasion for me as two of my ancestors Robert and Thomas Winter (Wintour) were among the plotters and came to a very sticky end for their troubles!

We celebrate with fireworks and there was a big display in Penzance which we watched from outside the cottage.



With all the bangs and flashes we also have to remember our four legged friends who may find it distressing. Maude slept through it all and only woke up when she heard me mention biscuits.


One thought on “Cornwall – 5 November 2014

  1. Yes, I’m with Mrs Sixwheeler – nothing more frustrating than a locked loo.

    I think I have seen that theatre on TV, maybe on an episode of Coast. Amazing space!

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