365 Project – Day 308


St Helen’s Oratory, Cape Cornwall

Many people believe that Land’s End is the most westerly point in England, this is incorrect as the most westerly point is actually Cape Cornwall which is just up the coast a bit. This is all immaterial anyway as Land’s End is where everyone goes and is therefore a tourist trap which leaves beautiful Cape Cornwall as a much more peaceful spot.

There is a well placed car park from which there is a good walk round the cape; wonderful views open up in both directions although the one to the south across Sennen Cove to Land’s End are probably the best; they certainly were today with Force 8 winds driving the sea onto the rocks. There is also a manned Coastwatch station where the watcher is very happy to explain things to you.

Walking back to the carpark we passed the ruins of St Helen’s Oratory, a tiny ruin but with this weathered old cross on the gable end.

4 November 2014

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