19 Back Home

Well, here I am back at home. Mrs Sixwheeler very kindly picked me up from the station late on Friday evening and I must say that I was very happy to be home. I ended up with forty five minutes waiting at Reading Station which is a bleak place and after the heat of the Midi I was blooming frozen by the time the train arrived and got some peculiar looks getting on in fleece, jacket and wooly hat!

It’s always lovely to be home and there is the usual business of getting used to being here, getting the washing done, putting stuff away and all that sort of thing. Additionally there was the pleasure of Bath Rugby against London Irish on Saturday afternoon which we won!

As to the future of this blog, people have been very kind and most encouraging so I will be carrying on with it. Not a diary type blog posting every day that I have been to the supermarket and walked the dog as I don’t think that I will win too many friends that way; I intend to post when I feel that I have something to say. Also I am getting help setting up the site to look good (I hope) with contents lists, directory and photo galleries. I brought 195 photos home with me and you’ll be glad to know that some of them are not too bad BUT, fear not, they won’t all be going onto the blog.

Once I’ve had a few days to think about things I will write a piece on what I took that worked well or didn’t and what I took that I didn’t need and what, if anything, I didn’t take but needed. I hope that this will be useful to others doing the same thing or to me as an ‘aide memoire‘ when it comes to preparing for the next stage.

I will also be contacting the Confraternity of St James in London giving them some feedback on the trip so that it may be useful to others going on the walk.

My other project for the blog is to do a write up of the whole trip in a more formal and thorough way and to include more pictures in the text. That will take me a little time but will be worth doing well. Writing my blog on my smartphone every day was a really good experience as it combines as my personal diary/journal of the trip and all the main memories are there. Before I started I didn’t know how it would work out but I’m pleased with the result.

So thank you dear readers, please keep following and don’t forget to post comments if you can work out how to do it!

30 September 2013

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