365 Project – Day 9

Today we went shopping. Normally I’m not wonderful at shopping but today I was in a mellow mood and really quite relaxed about the whole thing; which Mrs Sixwheeler finds disconcerting. I’ll be frank in that I really didn’t find the shopping mall at Cribb’s Causeway a photographic inspiration, it just doesn’t do it.

On the way home we were on a country road and I saw the first lamb of this year and decided that it would make a nice cheerful photograph. By the time I’d stopped, parked and legged it back to the field gate both ewe and lamb had moved away and the resulting picture wasn’t up to much.

It has been a lovely  day, dry and sunny, so after lunch Maude and I headed out to Royal Victoria Park so that she could have a good run. For a change we went in at the bottom by the children’s playground and walked up to the duck pond for a photo opportunity. Plenty of ducks but all too far away to make a decent picture; two swans who wouldn’t pose for me, but in the end I found this handsome chap.99 January 2014

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