365 Project – Day 14

At last, nearly half way through January we have had a decent frost. All slippery roads and pavements and car crashes and journey delays; well it was going to happen sooner or later. On the plus side it cleared fairly quickly so that people could go about their business safely.

I had intended to try and take a picture of some of the early blossom that is appearing everywhere but in the end I think that this frosty one is more representative of today.


14 January 2014

Since starting this project I have tried to have a camera with me at all times, even if it’s only the camera on my phone. Returning from the shops this morning I hung up my jacket with a camera in one pocket and phone in another ready for later; I crossed the kitchen into the conservatory to be struck by the sight of a large and very  healthy fox wandering round next door’s garden. It came right down the fence line and was only about ten feet from where I was standing. In the end it moved on and I let Maude out who went ballistic; barking and growling fiercely and letting everyone, foxes in particular, who is in charge round here. Or so she thinks. Never have a camera when you need one!

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