365 Project – Day 20

The beautiful city of Bath has many historic buildings which are one of the main attractions for visitors. There are also some parts that are not so scenic but our sensibilities are protected by a local council and by local pressure groups.

Some of these pressure groups appear to take a firm stance of DO NOTHING; change must not come to Bath; wimples and breeches must be worn along with bonnets and top hats; no cars, sedan chairs only. They are well meaning though.

Today I came across a fine example of how we are sheltered from vulgar things that might upset us. By the Roman Baths some work is being done and to protect us wooden hoardings have been erected; normally these would just be wooden boards but in Bath they have been over printed with the same design as the stone of the building behind them. Actually, when you think about it, why can’t everyone be this sympathetic to the environment they are working in?

2020 January 2014

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