365 Project – Day 55

On the pretence of visiting the Gloucester Quays outlet centre I took Mrs Sixwheeler to Gloucester today. As I had hoped the outlet centre was frightful, avenues of rather desperate shops with hardly anyone about. We had a coffee and decided to walk into the centre of Gloucester and have a look round as we hadn’t visited the city for some years.

What a good decision this turned out to be as the city centre was delightful and gave us the opportunity to visit the cathedral. Gloucester cathedral is magnificent and I have loads of photographs and will share some of them with you over time but today I have chosen one that amused us; it is a memorial but the lady it commemorates looks so bored with the whole thing that she made us chuckle.

5524 February 2014

One thought on “365 Project – Day 55

  1. It’s a nice piece! The poor woman died in childbirth, no wonder she looks so sad.

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