365 Project – Day 65

Came across this. It is almost surreal, a tree had barbed wire wrapped round it and over the years has grown and grown so that now the wire is in the tree itself. Sad really that no one saw what was going on and cleared the wire but the tree seems to be doing OK.

65Footnote: I’m off to Scotland tomorrow for a week in Glencoe with some old friends, our accommodation promises WiFi but I won’t know how good it is until I arrive, so fingers crossed. I will be blogging every day but may not be able to get it posted every day so please be patient. Weather forecast not great, typical!

06 March 2014

One thought on “365 Project – Day 65

  1. Ouch! Looks painful…
    Hope the forecasters got it wrong. Wishing you a great time whatever the weather!

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