Scotland 3

None of us were surprised that we woke to low cloud, wind and rain; this is Scotland and it is only March, what should we expect?

As I’ve been wet and/or cold on mountains throughout the United Kingdom, various places in Europe and in North Africa I no longer feel the need to do it again, specially on the first day of the holiday. We have a word for this, it’s “festering” and today I festered!

I did go to the shop and I did take the car out but driving and not seeing anything is pointless. So I came back to the cottage and pushed on with my book. And looked forward to the rugby (England vs Wales) which we won.

I hope these show a little of how dismal it has been.



On a more positive note, the weather forecast for the rest of the week looks much more promising. Having said that the cloud has descended and it’s raining again. Can’t wait to pull back the curtains in the morning.

9 March 2014

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